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Event security

At Guard Force Inc., we are specialists in providing a comprehensive range of private event security services. We have over 50 years of experience in offering exceptional security services. When you are arranging an event, and you need a security guard to control access points and want to create a safe and secure environment for a large number of attendees, you need a reliable security service.

We provide our security guard services for fundraising, wedding, birthday party, or corporate events. Guard Force Inc. is a fully licensed, bonded, and insured company that provides quality services at unbeatable prices.

Best Event Security BY PROFESSIONALs

To deliver the most effective security services, we schedule a free consultation to discuss in detail all your requirements. This helps us in devising a security plan that meets your specific security needs. So our security assessment includes:

  1. Knowing your budget requirements
  2. All location access points
  3. Potential risks and threats that can happen
  4. Your security expectations
  5. Other relevant information

When we have got information for all these points, we develop a customized plan, free quotation, and list all the duties of the security officers. Also, the right security guard personnel will be allocated that has the relevant experience and skills that match your particular event requirements.

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Our security guards will maintain order, deter criminal activities, implement strict rules, and promote safety and security. Apart from this, they are also trained to facilitate a number of other activities like parking control, ticket taking, and escorting guests and answer all their questions. By hiring Guard Force Inc., you can trust us blindly that all your security requirements will be properly taken care of. Also, we endeavor to be known as one of the best security service providers offering the best prices.


Los Angeles is known for having the best festivals and concerts, and with the recent increase in crime rates, if the events are not secured properly can lead to serious disaster when it comes to personal safety. Also, according to the report of the LA Times, these gatherings have a dangerous atmosphere, and due to this, most venues have stopped hosting events. Seeing this, if safety is not made a priority, then soon, all the good times will come to an end. But don’t worry, Guard Force Inc. is here to provide assistance. Our comprehensive security service includes:

  1. Properly securing the property premises
  2. Ensure safe entrance and exit
  3. Guest management and traffic control
  4. Keeping the crowd under control
  5. Keeping a vigilant eye for suspicious activities
  6. Prepare to provide medical emergencies
  7. Protection against vandalism, theft, and other crimes
  8. Mitigating potential dangerous situations
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In a nutshell, we want to ensure that the event is kept safe and everybody can enjoy it to the fullest. Also, our trained management team will make a complete security plan that covers all the potential security threats and how to effectively solve them.


Guard Force Inc. is fully committed to providing the highest standard security services for all events that are large and small. So, no matter what is the size of the event, show, party, or occasion you are arranging, we have got you covered.


One of the main attributes of our best event security management is using advanced technology that makes sure everyone is safe at the event. The smartphone technology our guard’s use allows us to quickly transmit the photos of the incidents for a prompt response. Also, the GPS system allows us to see where each guard is patrolling at all times during the entire event. So, if at any point any one of the guards requires assistance, the management can use the tracking data to contact the closest security guard to provide support.


Our experience management system design a strict protocol that is tailored to each facility. We know that no one size fits all because every venue has different layout and security requirements. For example, the security issues of an outdoor event are totally different from an evening event. Our experts apprehend these differences and use their expertise to cover all the security loopholes. We will appoint the best-trained guards so that all potential incidents can be resolved quickly and efficiently.


We provide transparent pricing to our valuable clients without any hidden charges or costs. Our prices are market competitive and within the budget range. So, to get a free quote, contact us, or send us an email.

We can proudly say that we have received positive feedback because of our quick ability to handle security incidents. So, For more information, please get in touch with us, and we assure you to answer all your queries.