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Hospital security

Security threats have seen an upsurge, and hospitals are no exception. These facilities not only have to keep their property safe but also manage patients and visitors. Hospital security helps maintain a peaceful environment and provides a secure place for employees, patients, and visitors. However, you need a professional security guard service to manage these security tasks. Performing it on your own can become overwhelming and difficult to manage.

Guard Force Inc. is one of the leading security service providers and has been in this field for several years. Our security services are responsive and possess expertise in handling all unique security challenges that can arise in the healthcare environment. Further, our security guards are highly qualified and have undergone rigorous training to provide highly specialized security services. They can quickly adapt to rapidly changing environments and shifting needs. Our guards can keep volatile situations under control. We provide custom-tailored security programs for every budget. So you can hire our services and protect your healthcare facility no matter what is the size.

Hospital Security Guards Services


Best Hospital security guards’ main job is to assure the overall security of the property premises. They provide regular patrol across the facility and keep check of the entry points. Also, such services keep the entire building a secure place for patients, staff, and everyone else.

Professionally trained hospital security guards keep the parking lots secure as well. Furthermore, they provide guidance to visitors and patients to their respective places. They also manage all the security facilities like alarms, CCTV, etc.


Guard Force Inc’s flexible approach helps us devise our security plans that meet all healthcare facility needs and requirements. Our main goal is to provide healthcare facilities, especially hospitals, all-inclusive security solutions that provide effective, efficient, and safe security services. We leave no stone unturned in keeping the property safe and don’t compromise on the quality. Moreover, our experience, specialized training, and vigilant supervision allow us to maintain a careful balance between customer service and securing a property.

Moreover, our stringent selection process ensures that only qualified and carefully screened security personnel wear the Guard Force uniform. They provide assistance to patients, staff, physicians, and visitors. Their services include

Hospital Security Guards
  1. Monitoring the premises
  2. Restraining intoxicated, violent patients and visitors
  3. Investigating incidents
  4. Listing down all the vulnerable areas
  5. Establishing a liaison between local law enforcement agencies and hospital staff


The Guard Force Inc. security team provides assistance in situations of violence and aggression. There are situations when patients get out of control when they are medically induced and pose a danger to others.

Apart from this, our security guards also deal with anti-social behavior, minor acts of vandalism, and patients dealing with challenging behaviors and confusion.

Guard Force Inc.’s security services help mitigate any criminal acts such as threats that can occur at the site. These include thefts, criminal damage, or whatever comes their way.


The Healthcare sector is different from the other sectors, and so the challenges that they face. We train our security officers in a different way. You cannot just allocate a security office with healthcare security responsibility without giving proper additional training. Basic security factors of patrolling, arresting, and dealing with criminal activity are almost the same. However, when it comes to the issues related to mental health, patients getting violent, and the site that is open to the public requires special training.


Some patients can misbehave or present several behavior challenges, but we also have to keep in mind that it is not their fault; they are misbehaving because of illness. Our security officers know their human rights and compliance with safeguard measures, confidentiality, and the Mental Health Act. We feel proud in saying that our security guards are well-trained to provide the highest standard service and achieve client satisfaction. The following is a small example of what the Guard Force can do for you:

  1. Access Control
  2. Armed Security
  3. Confidentiality
  4. Daily Activity Report
  5. Foot Patrol
  6. Golf Cart Patrol
  7. Traffic Control
  8. Vehicle Patrol and much more

Moreover, our security guards can deter criminal activities that come in the form of training and strong internal controls. They can detect any suspicious activity through a security system installed at the property premises. We can delay any criminal activity from happening by setting up barriers, locks, and other relevant security protection measures. So, in a nutshell, our security plan and the measures we take can prevent any form of criminal activity from happening in your facility.


At Guard Force Inc., the prices that we provide on our comprehensive range of security services are highly market competitive. Also, they are customized around your security needs and fit your budget range.

Once you book our services, we conduct an on-site evaluation to make sure that the right quote is provided to you and the right person is appointed at your service that fulfills all your needs. If you have a large facility, Guard Force Inc. highly recommends one security guard be stationed at each area along with a parking lot security guard and a lobby security guard.

Moreover, our clients have also praised our result-oriented approach, professional and friendly staff, and this is what sets us apart from our competitors. Our business’s foundation is an amalgamation of quality people, top of the line training, customer service, innovation, and state of the art technology.

In addition, for our customers’ convenience, we have a dedicated customer support team that is available 24/7 to provide any type of assistance. So, call us at + 800-353-7308 or send us an email info (@) guardforceinc.com. Please do not wait and hire our security services and secure your property premises.