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Unarmed security guards

For over 50 years, we have been providing comprehensive, professional, and reliable security services. We are a fully licensed, bonded, and insured company and provide services in the areas of Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, Sacramento, San Francisco, Santa Clara, Monterey, Fresno, San Mateo, Alameda, San Joaquin, Santa Barbara, and Santa Cruz. So, our unarmed security guardsĀ possess the expertise to meet all your commercial, industrial, and residential security needs.

Guard Force Inc.’s security services include manned guarding, mobile patrolling, lock up and alarm services, fire watch services, hotel security, event security, and private parking control. We provide day to day operations support and broad security resources that includes quality personnel, state of the art technology and processes, and management teams.

What is the Role of Security Guards?

The primary role of the Guard Force Inc. is to protect, monitor, guard, and patrol all allocated areas in order to prevent theft, damage, violence, and other unlawful acts against our clients and their properties. Guard Force Inc. provides the following:

  1. Provide safety and security of valuable assets, property, and persons from various criminal activities.
  2. Our security guards serve as a crime deterrent by observing, detecting, monitoring, and reporting suspicious activities.
  3. Provides patrol monitoring services
  4. Prompt response to security alarm alert system

Our Security Guards Protect!

Guard Force Inc. gives utmost importance to prevention, protection, and deterrence. We have highly trained security guards, and they give their best to prevent crimes before they occur. Also, we endeavor to keep every individual safe, allowing them to carry on with their daily life routine. Every day, our clients trust our security guards to protect and provide safety to the property and their employees.

Where Do Guard Force Inc. Security Guards Work?

Our security guard provides services in a wide range of sectors that includes industries and private ones. Our security guards have years of experience working in educational institutions, hotels, hospitals, special events, and construction sites. Moreover, we assure you that our security guards are highly trained and undergo rigorous training to make sure that they are prepared to manage whatever comes their way.

Do I Need An Unarmed Security Guard?

If you run a business or have a residential property anywhere in California, then you know how important it is to protect your valuable assets and property from theft, vandalism, and several other criminal activities. Recently California has experienced an increase in crimes, assaults, and robberies. When you hire an unarmed security guard, it is one of the most cost-effective ways to make sure that your property, employees, and clients are safe. If you are wondering whether the company you approach for security guards is right for you or not, we at Guard Force Inc. are here to help. Also, we provide great value on our unarmed security guard service.

Moreover, our guards are fully trained and capable of averting various incidents like graffiti, loitering, theft, vandalism, and much more. Otherwise, it can disturb the smooth functioning of your business operation. Apart from the businesses, we also provide our security services for private residences, special events, concerts, and several other venues in the areas as mentioned above.

In addition, we can also handle all complicated situations because our security guards have been given proper training to keep them up to date and comply with the industry standards. Initial basic security guard training for a Guard Force employee is determined by the required performance’s location and completed by the employee before the facility’s assignment.

  1. Arrest Procedures for Security Personnel
  2. Pr-24 Baton Certification
  3. Client Relations / Service Attitude
  4. Emergency Preparedness; Earthquake, Fire and Bomb Threats
  5. Fire Arm Permits, State Certification Course
  6. First Aid and CPR Course
  7. Hostage Preparedness
  8. Basic Law for Security Officers
  9. Observation Skills and Reporting
  10. Power to Arrest / Guard Card
  11. Report Writing
  12. Security Patrol Procedures, Introduction
  13. Tear Gas, Mace, Pepper Spray / Permit
  14. Union Strike Preparedness
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